"I paint because of the spontaneity of it - craving to see and taste and feel the colors of my palette - as everyday evolves to new and different hues of enticement, excitement and enchantment"

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About my Art

A whimsical journey through life on canvas and watercolor

Lorrie Caplan uses vibrant colors in her abstract watercolors paintings. While residing in Colorado and Pennsylvania, she has a never-ending source of inspiration and connection with nature. Her opportunity to travel brought her painting to new levels of expression. Caplan feels that her art is a reflection of her soul that healing and energy convey magic and explosion.


Caplan's watercolors, full of cool serenity and a vaguely Asian aesthetic, were a perfect match for the Zen vibe the hotel Centurion Towers @Caesar's Atlantic City, NJ.

A life dedicated to the ART OF BEAUTY

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Art speaks to the heart. Own art from an authentic original artist in Rittenhouse Square Philadelphia, PA while making your world more beautiful.

Caplan’s paintings are the reflection of her soul and the expression of love, heart, magic and dreams. Her paintings have been on display in homes, galleries, hospitals, hospices, businesses and hotels all over the world

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